GO AQUATIX – The Aquatic & Pool Management first and only APP!

Welcome to the industry’s first and only Aquatic & Pool Management App. This App is designed and customized for the management of aquatic staffs and aquatic facilities. This custom aquatic app allows you to manage your facility from a personalized dashboard set up for your specific aquatic needs. You can access this dashboard from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Go Aquatix is the leader in aquatic workforce management. We have years of tested experience and know how in developing an app that meets all of your aquatic demands.

App and Dashboard Features:

GPS Timekeeping
  1. Avoid Staff Clocking In if:
    • Overtime
    • Budgets Exceeded
    • No Schedule
    • Authorization Expire
  2. Verify Attendance in Real-Time:
    • Arrivals
    • Departures
    • Early or Late
    • Photo Timestamp
    • Personal Time Tracker
    • Billable Time Tracking
  3. Automated Alerts for:
    • No shows
    • Being Late
    • Staff Approaching Overtime
    • Budget Exceeded
    • No Schedule
    • Authorization Expire
  1. Simple to Plan & Publish Schedules
  2. Easy to View
  3. Personalized Scheduling (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly)
  4. Notifications for Schedules
    • Remind next shift
    • Not At Facility
    • Not Clocked In
  5. Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
  6. Coordinate who is on-call
Task Management
  1. Customize Hourly, Daily & Weekly Duties
  2. Testing & Validating Procedures
  3. Testing Chemicals
  4. Record PSI & Flow Readings
  5. Cleaning Facility
  6. Safety Audits & Inspections
  7. Gate Attendance
Reports & Dashboards
  1. Real-Time Reports
  2. Viewable for Supervisors & Customers
  3. Notification if task is not completed
  4. Reports to specific job duties
  5. Incidents & Accident Reporting
  1. Schedule alerts for tasks needed to be completed
  2. Pop-up notifications for duty’s not recorded
  3. Update Everyone Simultaneously
  1. Communication Tools
  2. Staff Member to Staff Member
  3. Staff Member to Control Center
  4. Control Center to Staff Member or Members
  5. Share Routine & Emergency Information
  6. Send mass notification messaging
Repairs Center
  1. Aquatic Staff has ability to request items/parts that need repair to be fixed
  2. Instantly take picture and text to record broken items/parts
  3. Creates Repair Ticket & Tracks Repair
  4. Notifies Progress to Customer
  5. Order Supplies
  6. Upload Information for Approval Process
  1. Staff able to view time worked
  2. Up-loadable timesheet for payroll processing
  3. Access to payroll records, timesheet and tax info
Safety Test
  1. Recording safety test at facility for water safety
  2. Provide water safety to children
Loyalty Program & Points
  1. Enroll, Track, Reward
  2. Incentives for work related tasks
  3. Showing up on time
  4. Increase Staff’s happiness & brand advocacy
  5. Measure Performance & Engagement
  6. Motivate staff for Training & Certifications
  7. Motivate through Staff Referrals
  8. Redeem Points for awards
Training Videos & Documents
  1. Document Management
  2. Training Videos for Staff
  3. Training Documents for Staff
  4. Safety Policy Training
  5. User guide for staff
  6. Learning Portal
Uniforms & Aquatic Attire
  1. Access Uniforms & Orders
  2. Higher Control Automated Purchasing
  3. Streamlines Uniform Purchasing
Personalized Profile
  1. Staff has their own Personalized profile
  2. Update staff information
  3. Usernames & Passwords

Aquatic Staff includes:

  • Facility Supervisors
  • Facility Managers
  • Lifeguards
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Maintenance Staff
  • And other aquatic staff scheduled at your aquatic facility.

Aquatic Facility’s include:

  • Community Pools
  • Country Club Pools
  • Resort Pools
  • Water Parks
  • Municipal Pools
  • Open Water Venues
  • Hotel Pools
  • Apartment Pools
  • And other aquatic facility’s around the world.